Clair Redfield February 2001

emailhomepage"Merry Christmas, Leon" by Mayumi_H

Comments: This was my first experimentation with CG coloring. I used a picture of actress Charisma Carpenter as my inspiration; it probably took me a week just to finish the basic pencils! I think I did a good job with the representation, though. After the pencils were completed, I did a marker outline and scanned the outline. After that, all of the coloring was done in Photoshop 5.5. Even though I really like drawing the two Resident Evil characters of Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy together, I wanted to do a piece that was purely Claire-centric, but that would have the feel of Leon in it, too. Hence, the title. Hope you like it!

emailhomepageClair (RE 2 fan art) by Wagner

Comments: The original lineart was made with black graffite, technical pencil, number 0,9 milimeters... Inked with a Bruynzeel calypraph pen It was done in three separated drawings:
1. First plane: the corpse's head and hand;
2. Claire Redfield and the two half body corpses;
3. The background: All the others corpses, undead dog, etc. It was the unique drawing in pure graphite, without inking... T give a sense of deep... After scanning, these three images were pinted in Photoshop 4.01, and blended, using a little blur to the first plane to give a non phocal effect... It helps to show Claire among the other elements...

emailhomepageLaundry by Jesterspawn

Comments: In my mind, Claire Redfield can't keep running around shooting zombies non-stop. Surely she has to take every break she can to rest or to rinse blood and brain-matter out of her clothing... feel free to email any comments...

emailhomepageResident Evil by Vincent Joe Dango

Comments: This is my first time to enter a contest and my first time to send one of my drawing. I have been drawing since I was six years of age, and i'm 22 years of age now. Anyway, it took me an hour and a half or even less to draw this.
That's how quick I can draw since i've been drawing for quite a-while. I only use two pencils to draw which is a normal pencil(2h) for sketching and a mechanical pencil(0.5) for final touch. I have a lot of made up characters, with and without names. I have always want to be a comic artist, or a game designer. I'm not much of a game fanatic but I know a good game when I see one.

emailhomepageClair by Soap

Comments: Uh..just a glorified sketch. I'm new to this online art things, next time I'll do a more and complete finish work. Why purple you may be asking? Well it was the only pencil I had at the time. Photoshopped the background and voila! A sketch that took a total of 30 mins from start to finish.

emailhomepage Classic Claire by Ben Reynolds a.k.a Cloud 9

Comments: Although I'm an avid fan of mvgc, this is my first time entering. This is an okay pic I did of Claire using ink and photoshop. It scanned kind of crappy, so the lines aren't too crisp. This took me about three hours to do, that is, an hour and a half drawing and inking, and an hour and a half doing the color. Hope you like it.

emailhomepageZombie Venting by Daniel Fu

Comments: First time here, hope you like it...
Comments welcome!

emailhomepageRegret By Moonlight by Dan York

Comments: I really like it... :) Oh, and I really like the game and the character...

emailhomepageClaire b/w by Sylence

Comments: This is a simple drawing of Claire Redfield. Uncolored and Un-Photoshop-ed, it is done using a mechanical pencil....I'll paste the Photoshop version on my website within the next month. I didn't really like Claire's character on the game. I hate that I missed last month.....

">emailhomepageAve some of this! by Ben Krefta

Comments: I started working on this a few weeks ago, but left in until the last day before I redrew, inked and coloured the piece. Unfortuanetly something came up and I wasn't able to finish it, so I updated it a day later :) The style is very western, compared to my usual manga style drawings, it's cos I've been subjected to a lot of western comic influences recently. The worst thing about it is the gun colouring, I got lazy and rushed it, but I'm glad the rest of the colours turned out quite good.

emailhomepage "She Will Throw Down and Blow Yo Ass Away" by KTMG

Comments: Well to tell the truth I've never drawn a picture with this much going on it it. I had to look in my game mag for jills picture and the worm in the left corner. but all in all it looks good. if I had Photo Shop it would look better but I just have my pencil, pen, and my scanner.


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