Ayame August 2001

emailhomepageAyame by Marijn 'Supafly' Slot

Comments: Pencilled with a 0,5 mm 2B. Inked with a Rotring 0,5 mm. Colored in Photoshop 6.0

emailhomepageAyame by Ray!

Comments: ...

emailhomepageAyame and Semimaru by Mayumi_H

Comments: Semimaru (ninja dog) is probably my favorite character in the series so far, so I -had- to put him in Ayame's picture. I like the younger Ayame, and hopefully I've captured some of her playful spirit here. Penciled, inked, then scanned into Photoshop where it was colored.

emailhomepageAyame by Jesterspawn

Comments: Alright, so I was too lazy to color this. I guess my lack of motivation can be attributed to the fact that I've never played the Tenshu games, so I don't really feel any connection to the characters. Also, I found it difficult to find any reference material online so I couldn't really get much of a feel for her. Hope you like it anyway. Oh yeah, and she's supposed to have both feet on the ground, but I forgot to put in a shadow... so I just noticed that it looks kinda like she's in some sort of awkward jumping move, and that wasn't my intention. Just pretend there's a shadow. :)

emailhomepageAyame by Gibbons Nguyen

Comments: Well, I would say I feel good about this artwork, but not that good. First, I used a mechanical pencil to sketch it. Then I scanned it in the computer. After I scanned it, I darken the outline, since I'm not good at tracing over. And last I used photoshop to cg the drawing. What I like about this is that it's Ayame. What I don't like about it is that I wanted to make Ayame decapitating a guard, but time was running out. So this will have to do. The sketching probably took me about 30 minutes. And the cg maybe an hour. Gee, I hope someone else is drawing Ayame in her 3rd sexy outfit, hehehe. Damn pervert!

">emailhomepageAyame by Bomu & Psionic Creator

Comments: A joint effort here. I did the linework and Psionic did the colours and the pic wouldn't be anything without colour! I also had a few other people CG this same pic after posting it at an artwork form. But I chose to submit Psionic's colours, since he's coloured my work before and does such a cool job ^_^

emailhomepage Ayame by Kitsy

Comments: It's a little old, and was done just as a sketch, but I'm still pretty happy with how she looks. :D

emailhomepageAyame by Wagner

Comments: It is the image of Ayame, from Tenchu, as I read in your "this month submissions" page.. I like a lot "Tenchu"!


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